Primary Care Networks (PCN)


MMS® 3D Service

Adding value to your Primary Care Network

MMS® can offer a one stop solution to introduce pharmacists into your Primary Care Network. MMS® pharmacists can work in specific GP sites, as well as remotely to provide clinical services to a number of practices in a practical and efficient manner.

PCN Pharmacist Recruitment & Support

Our provision of a MMS® GP Practice Pharmacist is in line with ‘The NHS Long-Term Plan’ and PCN DES specifications, which will invest £4.5bn
to promote and expand multidisciplinary teams and create Primary Care Networks. Under the 10 year plan, PCNs will be supported with 70% of the cost of clinical pharmacists. They will also benefit from a new shared saving scheme to include a reduction in avoidable admissions as a result of pharmacist led prescribing reviews.

Delivering the Deployment & Development of your PCN Pharmacist

Our ‘3D Service’ will assist you with the recruitment and training for new PCN pharmacist positions. We can source, screen and deploy pharmacists into your PCN in an effective and efficient manner. Our specialist insight can ensure that pharmacists are embedded seamlessly to integrate into your primary care network.

Copy of 16.5.19 MMS GP Practice Pharmacist Support (2)
Copy of Copy of 16.5.19 MMS GP Practice Pharmacist Support

MMS® PCN Pharmacist Support

Copy of 16.5.19 MMS GP Practice Pharmacist Support (3)

If an alternative to the PCN DES model is preferred, clinical pharmacists can be outsourced from MMS® to ensure the highest quality whilst limiting exposure and risks related to employment on costs. For more information please contact a member of the MMS® Clinical Team.