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The MMS® Learning & Development Academy is a collection of nationwide workshops and training events to provide clinical learning updates to our network of pharmacists. We are excited to bring to you the opportunity to enhance your clinical knowledge and improve competence by attending our events. Our learning events include expert speakers and who will share their clinical experience and help to further progress your role as a pharmacist. The MMS® Learning & Development Academy includes access to a wide range of support tools and resources that will help you to provide effective care for your patients.

Our events will give you the opportunity to log your learning session as part of your CPD portfolio in line with the Revalidation criteria that the GPhC have introduced. You will be able to:

1. Complete planned learning to show that you are proactive in your approach to improving your clinical knowledge and competence

2. Attend our events to improve your knowledge with planned activities as well as possibly encounter unplanned learning events, which form an important part of the CPD cycle

3. Reflect on your learning at our events. Each MMS Learning & Development Academy event will provide a valuable opportunity to reflect on new skills and knowledge and to discuss with colleagues at a clinical level

4. Peer discussion. Our events will give you the opportunity to reflect on your learning and discuss with peers in an open and friendly environment. Our events are led by clinical experts who will provide a valuable insight as well as further your knowledge to help improve your clinical competence

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