South Worcestershire Oct 2016

The MMS® Pharmacist led review programme has been conducted across 31 practices within SW CCG with a population of just over 285,000 patients.

Key outcomes on completion –
· 954 patient suitable for notes based review
· 667 therapy changes to preferred formulary oral contraceptives – 70%
· 120 patients highlighted for further review to avoid potential risks – 12.5%  

      – 102 within UKMEC 3 criteria
      – 18 within UKMEC 4 criteria

£14,670 annualised prescribing savings

Following changes in the SW CCG formulary and prescribing pathway in relation to oral contraceptive therapy, a need was identified to review the appropriateness of prescribing and conformity to the new formulary options and UKMEC guidance.
With this regard, MMS® was commissioned to provide Clinical Pharmacist support to all Practices within SW CCG.
The service was sponsored as a service to medicine by Consilient Healthcare.

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